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Silvio Oliveira

Front End Developer

Goiânia, Brazil

Vancouver, Canada

Make Your Vote Up

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Make Your Vote Up was a school project for Agile/Scrum classes. Our goal was to develop a web application to help Canadian voters to make their vote. We were supposed to have a tool to help users to compare the platforms of the four main political parties in Canada in issues like Health, Taxation, Immigration, among others. Users were also expected to see the profile of the parties and all MP (Members of Parliaments) of their provinces. As an extra, we developed a quiz that based on choices made by users, we could determine for which party they are more inclined to vote.

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  • Branding
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  • Agile
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • SAAS
  • Data Visualization

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